Graphene for Sale


Graphene – an atomic-scale lattice with a honeycomb pattern that is created out of carbon atoms; this material is unquestionably emerging to be one of the most promising nanomaterials due to its one-of-a-kind mixture of excellent graphene properties. These properties can easily open pathways to allow people to utilize this material in numerous applications that range from electronics, sensors, optics, and biodevices.

For instance, nanomaterials made from graphene have a lot of promising graphene applications in energy-related fields and a few of these examples include the following;


  • Graphene is able to enhance and develop both the energy charge and capacity in rechargeable batteries.
  • Graphene that has been activated creates exceptional supercapacitors perfect for energy storage.
  • The electrodes of graphene may eventually lead to a successful approach when it comes to developing inexpensive, pliable, and lightweight solar cells.
  • Multi-functional graphene mats can soon be created especially for catalytic systems.




To provide further details, listed here are the biggest and most vital graphene manufacturers, as well as suppliers that offer graphene for sale:


  • Advanced Graphene Products


AGP is an organization that creates and also supplies graphene with their main focus which is the development and engineering of products that are graphene-based. The company creates graphene through an exclusive process – growth in a liquid metal matrix.

AGP’s High Strength Metallurgical Graphene or HSMG displays an extremely heightened mechanical durability and strength, with tests that display up to double the resistance of tensile strain in comparison to CVD. The company offers and presents graphene for sale then transfers graphene on any substrate of choice depending on the request of their customers. Excellent coverage, as well as continuity is what makes this the best choice for lab and industrial use.


  • Stanford Materials


This company supplies customers with graphene oxide and graphene, right from a graphene manufacturing facility that is outfitted with the latest line of production. Stanford Materials is one of those graphene suppliers that present graphene for sale with superior quality and stability even when creating graphene in large numbers without it being a problem for them.



  • Graphnea


Graphnea is one of the private companies based in Spain that focuses on excellent quality graphene production for industrial functions. This company creates single-layered graphene sheets, multi-layered graphene, bi-layered graphene, graphene oxide, and other materials on any one substrate that is provided by the customers.


In 2012, Graphnea launched their official online store and on 2015, they have disclosed plans to build a brand-new graphene pilot plant.



Graphene is still considered to be at a stage of growth if one compares it to other developed and advanced materials such as ITO and silicone. For graphene to be widely used and adopted by all, it needs to be easily produced in large numbers while costing equal to or below the prices of currently existing materials. Roll to roll, vapor deposit, as well as other numerous production processes that appear hints that cost-efficient production of graphene is possible; however, they are still unable to bring this material to every screen for mobile devices available. Experts and researchers will also require carrying on with working on the improvement of graphene’s conductivity and transparency to achieve a commercial form.


Buy Graphene


Technology’s future may possibly revolve around a single material that has been discovered since the industry has recently been talking about graphene’s potential in numerous applications; this is mainly because of the attributes and graphene properties such as being the strongest, thinnest, and considered to be one of the most flexible materials in existence.  Graphene, which is known to be a type of carbon, may be able to alter the physical features of our current devices, as well as its performance and feel; and if graphene will be fully integrated into these devices, it is possible that these may even interact with our own bodies.


With all of the new advancements, graphene is definitely on its way to altering the items that we use on a daily basis; this is the reason why a lot of people are keen on investing on graphene. Listed are a few good reasons why everyone should buy graphene and how this outstanding substance can affect everyone with its amazing graphene applications:


  • Since graphene is created out of carbon like every other life found on Earth, it is possible for graphene to enter the body without disrupting the proper function of our immune system; plus, graphene will not harm any of our body tissues upon entering the body which is a common issue when it comes to plastic or silicone. Since this material is known to be eco-friendly and basically harmless, this is already a very good reason for one to buy graphene.
  • Properties of graphene can be considered as another great reason why people should consider and invest on this amazing element. One of its properties is that graphene is greatly stronger compared to steel so integrating this material into various devices may enhance the performance of these items. Some smartphones can actually “heal” its exterior from minor scratches and scrapes, but if graphene were to be used for such phones, it would take the device’s durability and strength to the next level.Since graphene is considered to be stronger than steel, the American Chemical Society states that graphene is able to reach this strength because of the carbon atoms that are arranged in 2D sheets.
  • Aside from influencing the physical features of our devices, it is possible for graphene to also enhance the longevity of these. Some researchers have created a graphene battery which lasted for over a week just by being charged once which only took about fifteen minutes to complete. If this amazing material goes mainstream then we could probably leave our phone’s charger at home when we travel or leave the house for long periods.
  • Graphene can also be used to eventually create synthetic blood which can greatly aid in the reduction of using blood that is infected; the use of graphene will also allow people with rare types of blood to receive better care when being transfused with this.
  • According to researchers from the US Air Force Research Laboratory, graphene can possibly aid in the growth of human tissues; human hearts that are lab-grown will be disease-free and may last for about a hundred years. This may at some point, help individuals, especially children, who are born with defects and also adults who suffer from heart diseases.



There are numerous and extraordinary advantages once you buy graphene, yet while this material can definitely alter our world, graphene must first overcome several challenges that are related to its production and cost before it can fully be produced for mass usage.