Graphene Companies

As previously mentioned, researchers have continued to develop and create new applications and benefits of graphene in 2015, making it seem as if fresh discoveries regarding applications that concern this werematerializing simultaneously on a daily basis. It would be greatly absurd to list all of the fresh graphene-related applications that have been announced during the said year, yet a couple of these include the production of the very first superconducting graphene, the disclosure that graphene could possibly turn into a medical demonstrative tool, and the news regarding graphene being used to aid in the detoxification of nuclear wastes.


There are numerous people who are concerned with investing in graphene companies, yet with the industry still in its inception stage, investing during this period can be a risky venture since there is really no information about which companies or organizations will be successful with graphene or not. With that thought, here is a look at a few of the openly traded graphene companiesthat are currently present on the market, along with a few private organizations that allow investors to buy graphene. For those investors who are looking into joining the excitement and enthusiasm that surrounds graphene, these may be great options.


  • Applied Graphene Materials

This company has established an ownership bottom-up procedure for creating graphene with increased specifications; the company’s concept is that the value of graphene lies in its power to transfer its underlying properties into other types of materials; in other words, there is great interest in the potential of graphene to improve the characteristics of various materials. Furthermore, the company offers graphene in powder form, while also being able to distribute graphene powder across a wide area of matrixes.



  • Group NanoXplore

NanoXplore is among the many private graphene companies but investors are able to gain exposure to it by means of Mason Graphite which established the company in the year 2014 with a 40% stake. On the website of NanoXplore, the quality of their graphene is specifically highlighted to note that it is capable of producing heightened volumes of this material at a lower cost; this is because of its unique and one-of-a-kind production process. What is good about this process is that it has been ensured to be environment-friendly and is generally in harmony with a wide variety of manufacturing methods, as well as government regulations. All in all, NanoXplore provides a diversity of products that have been divided into four categories.


  • Grafold

Grafold is another private graphene company that is highly suggested for investors to consider; it is a graphene research, investment, and development company that invests, develops and manages various markets for methods that economically create scalable graphene for institutions and corporations to utilize.

The company’s key product is the economically scalable and high-purity MesoGraf graphene which is produced using a unique process. Grafold prides itself on the unique process since they claim it to be more environment-friendly compared to other current processes. The company hopes that the MesoGraf graphene may soon cancel out the current issues of graphene price.

Below are some companies that do not fully focus on graphene yet have expressed their interest for this amazing material. For those investors who are searching for graphene companies to acquire, these few companies may be worth watching out for:

  • Bora Bora Resources

A company based in Syndey, Australia with a suite of graphite projects that can be found in Sri Lanka. They have an agreement with the exclusively owned RS Mines that mainly sells products made of graphite on their online shop, plus they also stock on items such as paste made of graphene oxide.


  • Triton Minerals

This company holds the majority of interest in Grafexthat possesses a couple of exploration licenses in Mozambique, a country in Africa.