Buy Graphene –Investment Outlook 2015

Graphene Investment are for people who believe in how this material has manage to revolutionize different industries. Graphene investing is for people or companies that know the potential applications of this one atom thick carbon material. Most consumer products especially those that includes batteries, conductors, electronics, medicine and a lot more are affected with the use of this material. The number of uses for this material is boundless. New discoveries are waiting to be found. For those who have just heard about graphene it is about time to discover the next big thing as far as investments is concern.

In order to appreciate why people are going bananas by graphene investing it is important to get to know the benefits of this carbon base material. For starters, the properties of this graphite based substance is considered to be the strongest material ever developed. It is even compared to steel and diamond and that this material was said to be 200 times stronger than these elements. Graphene is a great heat and electricity conductor. The research community is continually excited about what can be accomplished with the use of this substance. Eventually the business community followed as well by graphene investing.


However, there are still some challenges that this material need to face. Those who wish to buy graphene will find that it is expensive but, undoubtedly useful. Recognizing the potential to earn a lot money through graphene investment, companies are joining in by developing their graphene base material and such related activities. Graphene investing in its purest form is not easy because as of now only private companies are offering graphene for sale. This is not as readily available like buying a pair of shoes or a new gadget.

Buy Graphene

According to the US geological survey conducted in 2012 the world’s graphite reserves are currently located in China. World government have just realize the importance of graphene investment because of its technological applications. As of today, this graphite material is second in importance to precious metals. The current prices of most metals traded in the stock market are going up and down and there will come a time when this material will be offered and everybody would grab the chance to buy graphene. By everybody meaning all people or companies that recognize that it is a wise decision to buy graphene or maybe even resell it in another form. Since graphene is a commodity the price of graphene for sale will eventually as volatile as the market.

Keep in mind however that graphene investment have double up and that the use of this material uses less than a gram of graphene all because of its value. Only a fraction of graphite mined will be used to make graphene since most of the graphite are used for other purposes other than manufacturing graphene. What most miners are doing right now is to either cautiously explore or abuse the graphene hype in order to expand their businesses. Before deciding to buy graphene in high grade condition it would be better to shop around for legitimate suppliers. True, that there are graphene for sale posted on several sites on the internet but, the big question is does the graphene for sale have the same grade as those that are valued according to what it will be used for.

Graphene for Sale

For those who wishes to invest in graphene it would be wiser to check graphene for sale with trustworthy companies. Some of these companies are joint ventures between producers, developers and marketers. Not all graphene are created equal. Those who wishes to buy graphene must first stop and analyze what they specifically need this product for. For those who are after good quality graphene, the bad news is that most of graphene for sale are grown with the CVD process. CVD Process means the graphene is still decent and will perform for most purpose however, for those who need more than just the average it would be better to check for how it was process. For those who might be interested to know it is easy to do a quick search online for the CVD machine market. Simply put, if the need to buy graphene is for general purpose and use, CVD processed ones would be sufficient enough and for those who would like to invest in graphene of better quality or superb quality they need to look for graphite materials not process this way. CVD by the way is used for industrial relevant processes other than graphene. CVD is closely associated with semiconductor and LED industry.

Buy Graphene

The industry for companies that makes a final product like cellphones and satellite dishes is still growing. Surprisingly, there are not a lot of these in the world. Some of those who produce products like these are making and selling components for modern technologies. There are those companies that can make custom graphene devices for the end user. Most of those who wish to invest in graphene and have a lot of cash to do so can go directly to the end user product manufacturer. However, one of the things that are noticeable right now is that most of the companies who produce graphene for the end user are not just concentrating on graphene alone but is working with silicon as well.

Graphene Investment

For people who wishes to invest in a soon to be multi trillion dollar industry it would be better to check out first what makes graphene special. For those who will market these products they need to know how to attract buyers so that they can convince them to buy graphene. There is a lot of qualities that makes this graphite material mind boggling to say the least. It is these attributes that actually makes graphene for sale that attractive for potential buyers. To emphasize what graphene can do the incredible applications for this material is found in the world of electronics. Think telecommunications, renewable power, energy storage, health care and medicine; these are just some of the applications for this material. Who knows what will happen next? Because of the growing interest and excitement of those who are researching for new ways to use graphene the list of new discoveries is still a work in progress.

Some people might question why label this product a potential multi trillion industry when it is far from that right now. Look at the companies that invest and buy graphene. These are not small players at all. IBM for example invested $3 billion into these graphene for sale to create advance and sophisticatedly high tech computer chips. IBM has foreseen what other successful companies has known all along. This company just like the rest of its kind are betting on long term pay off rather than quick rewards. Patience is the key to unlock the wealth behind graphene investment and these companies are aware of this.

Because of its small size this material can be use not just in computers alone. IBM researchers were able to build a radio frequency ID chip that is said to be 10,000 faster compared to its silicon counterpart. What the researchers did was to line the transistor channels this ultra-conductive material. In terms of fiber optic networks the use of this material can produce not only energy efficient but cheaper computers. Since this substance is eco-friendly it is therefore non-toxic to humans. Truly, there are so many reasons why it would be a good time to buy graphene or stake graphene investment. With the rate of its growing uses, there would come a time when people would rather do graphene investment than on some other precious commodities.

Invest in Graphene

GRAPHENEGiant companies like Samsung are big into graphene investment. To date they are considered to be the world’s leader when it comes to graphene patents. This company knows that in the future their graphene investment will grow into billions of dollars and they are sitting on a gold mine. They are the largest holder of patents because they have close tie ups to the second leading patent holder and researcher for this material. These companies are both based in South Korea. In fact, experts say that Asia can eb considered as the center of buy graphene industry.

On top of this the top ten patent holders of graphene investment are all in Asia and four of these are research universities who untiringly find new uses and applications for this carbon base material. In 2014 alone, barely a year ago the investment for this product runs into millions. The yearly annual growth is said to be pegged at 35 percent over the next decade which means approximately about $390 million per year. However, given the fact that the practical applications of this material are used for smartphone and computers reaching the multi trillion numbers cannot be far behind.

For most of these companies, graphene represents a booster of their sales and product performance. However, businesses are advice to have a practical use for this material before they finally make the decision to invest on these companies. For those who plan to invest long term in this material they need to look for providers of this raw material or services that can connect them to the miners. This way they can avoid paying the middle man if they can go direct.

Graphene Investing

Graphene industry and the growing interest of businesses about this material as it is mostly use for technology. This technology is said to promise to change the world. Some say that the best way to invest in this product is by buying into stocks while some say that by indirect investment with such giant companies like Samsung, Sandisk or IBM this is a much safer alternative. Why start a new company when there is an alternative to go with a stable and established one?

However, for those who are brave enough to start from scratch why not do so. Yes, it will be hard work but, the rewards can be satisfying. Who knows this new start-up company could just be the one to find a new product that can replace cable. Yes, cable as in those use for TV connections. As of now, cable takes a big chunk of the profits however, as technology continues to evolve there will come a time when this will be replace with something more sophisticated and has more to offer. The secret of companies that succeed and continue to do so is to find new ways to produce a product that people need and introduce the new version.

Investors would be glad to shell out their cash if they see that once they let go of their money they would eventually get something out of it. How about credit cards? There might be a chance that there will be no need for these since a newer technology that can trace its roots back to raw graphene can finally put an end to plastics use for credit. Some say that there will come a time when even investment gurus would give out their tips on how to invest in graphene stocks.

True, that to be realistic about it, graphene investment is a great way to earn a lot of cash in the future. There is still a need to refine these graphene applications to make this commercially available for those that matter: those who will buy graphene. It would be easy to post graphene for sale but, the big question is that are these the graphene that consumers are after? It would be great if companies would be conscientious enough to inform those who wish to buy graphene if what they are selling is the graphene that the consumer needs. Hiding the truth from these consumers will do more harm than good. After all consumers do not want to be the last to know that the graphene for sale that they have just bought is not the prime grade graphene that they wish to own and use.