Graphene Technology Applications

Graphene is closely associated with quantum physics. What is Graphene? This is the world’s first dimensional material. Graphene structure is made of the strongest and most flexible material known to exist as far as quantum physics and science is concern. Graphene structure is formed with the use of a special kind of carbon that can conduct electricity and heat better than any material can. People who can distinguish these Graphene properties are excited about Graphene uses and graphene production. This material is closely affiliated with nanotechnology to be exact.

Graphene properties that contains one atom thick have cause researchers and graphene companies to consider using this material in several fields. No wonder graphene stocks are continually experiencing steady growth. Those who have basic or adequate knowledge of general physics and those who are of university level mathematics are the ones who can really appreciate graphene technology. Graphene technology offers a wide range of potential future applications; in composites, sensors, capacitors, superchargers, solar cells and a lot more. The list is endless. There are other practical graphene uses which will be covered here later on.


Graphene entered the picture in 1987 when it was described as single sheets of graphite that form from graphite compounds. This material is 2 dimensional and its carbon atoms are densely packed in hexagonal pattern. However, this can only be appreciated under the lens of the microscope. Graphene is strong and is said to be stronger than steel more than a hundred times over. Graphene even if it is this strong can stretch and is pliable just like rubber.

The media catch on and described this substance as a wonder material that has the capability of changing the world as we know it. Even the British government invested millions of dollars to help establish the National Graphene Institute to make the United Kingdom one of the world’s top patent holders. The other countries of the world joined in to race which one can come up with a better use for this material. Among the nations of the world the top contenders aside from the UK is China, Korea and of course the United States.

However, the progress of this technology was not as fast as anyone can imagine. For one, lack of imagination places limit to what can be done when this stuff is used.  In other words, people respond to new discoveries with much gusto but, soon lose interest in it. Graphene companies that once believe in this material like Korean based Samsung holds the greatest number of patents in graphene. However, in recent years research institutions are more into discovering more about what they can do with this material than Electronics Company like Samsung. Some experts say that God has given this material but, what to do next about it is the big question.

What is Graphene?

Graphene advocates remarks that if this material is transform into an animal it can be compared to that of an elephant that can carry heavy materials. The difference is that graphite based materials has been in most desks and schools in the form of a pencil at least until the new uses for it was discovered. Recent practical applications are those found in bikes, tennis rackets and even living tissue engineering. This shows that this material is that versatile. Weird physics did not stop from allowing the special properties of this material to shine through.

Graphene has now gain worldwide status especially for those who are working in quantum physics. Graphene structure is known for its two dimensional carbon allotrope, it is therefore the most versatile material on earth. Graphene properties includes the use of this light and strong material that can conduct heat and electricity better than any material can. Ultimately, having these graphene properties means this will affect graphene production thus the demands for this material has increase ever since it was introduce because of these specific Graphene properties.


What is Graphene? The wide range of graphene uses means that this material can improve the performance and efficiency of current materials and substances use today. Because of the two dimensional crystals of these amazing compounds, in-depth research is still ongoing to find out more graphene uses and applications. Suffice it to say that there is a great demand for an increase in graphene production. There is a need to understand the basic properties of these materials. For those who are thinking about investing on Graphene stocks now is the time to do so. There are actually a lot of good Graphene companies that offer to sell these Graphene stocks for those who are interested to invest on it and this nanotechnology.

What is Graphene? As far as Graphene companies are concern, this material is a source of income for them. While some Graphene companies view this material as their ticket to helping to improve other people lives by discovering more about what this material has to offer. These Graphene companies is not just after profits although this comes with the territory. The same question has been asked again and again. The answer remains the same. Although there are definite uses for this material, the potential to know more about the other uses of this material is endless and boundless. As one famous saying says “the only limit to what one can do is what the mind allows it to be”.

Graphene Properties

What is graphene? The very first time when graphene was artificially produce scientist took a piece of graphite and dissected this until the only remaining layer is just one single layer. This process is what is known in science as mechanical exfoliation. The surprising thing is that even if this is just one 1 atom thick, this material was able to withstand even any of the elements that it was subjected to. This material was tested and exposed to temperature, air and a lot more, the result was short of astonishing to say the least. From just layer of graphite this material was combined and interjected with other compounds. The result is the very basic material use for atomic scaffolding from which other material.

The newly created compounds contains superlative materials just like graphene and the good news is that this offers more applications. After this material came into existence other 2D crystals were explored in terms of their 2usefulness and possible applications. One of the issues about graphene is that when it is made of high quality graphite it becomes a great conductor however, since it does not have a band gap it cannot be switched off. This has a huge bearing when constructing future nano-electric devices since a band gap needs to be engineered through it therefore reducing its electron mobility in the level seen in silicone films. When explained simply, there is a need to know if it would be possible to use graphene to replace silicone in the future for use in electrical systems. Recent results in research reveals that this is a possibility however, it will take more studies but this can be achieve. In fact, with the rate that this is going right now it might just take months of research studies and testing before they will be able to produce graphite material to replace silicone films. Some experts say that there might be problem with how graphene can be change into something else.

The list of possibilities for this graphite based material is endless. This can be used for bioengineering, energy technology, nanotechnology and composite materials manufacturing. It will not be surprising if this graphite material can be used for bioengineering. However, according to those who are researching on graphene uses there are still obstacles that need to be conquer in order for this to be successful. The estimated time frame before the use of graphite material in the future would be at least 15 years or so from now. The issue is more on how this material needs to undergo safety, clinical and regulatory bodies before this material can be applied in biological engineering. The properties that it exhibits as of this time in relation to bioengineering reveals how this material can revolutionize this field in so many number of ways. Medically speaking, if applied in this field of science, graphite based materials can be the basic material needed for developing sensory devices used in monitoring glucose levels, cholesterol levels and such. There might be a possibility of seeing engineered toxic graphene used as an antibiotic or a mode of treating cancer. It would be no surprise that in the future one of the graphene uses would be tissue regeneration. These are some of the possibilities of using this material as viewed from the eyes of bioengineering as a science.

What is graphene? When viewed through the optical electronics field of science, thi material serves its purpose in a commercial scale level. Optoelectronics can make us of this material in manufacturing LCD touchscreens for Smartphones, computers and similar devices. Right now, this field is ruled by indium tin oxide or better known as ITO. However, tests confirm that this material can match ITO in any way. However, there is some refinement and in terms of minor tweaking or slight adjustments in the Fermi level. Graphite based materials has the edge over ITO because of its tensile strength and ability to bend.

What is graphene, this one atomic structure continues to unravel to reveal the other graphene uses. This material can be used as ultrafiltration medium acting as barrier between two substances. Further developments shows that this material can be used to measure the strain and pressure between the two substances that it is holding. The practical application of knowing this information is that graphene can be used in water filtration systems not just for water desalination. On top of this graphene is more economical to produce than any viable biofuel material.

Being strong and light makes this material a good ingredient for aircraft production. Since this material is stronger and lighter, aerospace engineers can be integrated into plastics by making use of its binding ability like that of epoxy. This material can be used in coating aircraft surface material to prevent damage cause by lightning. The use of this material can help the pilot know the stress levels that the aircraft wings is under. It is assume that the military can make use of this material in producing armor for military vehicles and even as protection for military personnel.

Graphene Uses

What is Graphene? Here are some of the known applications for this material. Graphene properties can be used to replace indium based electrodes in organic light emitting diodes or OLED. These diodes are used for electronic display screens that does not require a lot of power. Because of using these graphene properties this pulls the price down. This will eliminate the use of the metals in the OLED.  The use of these graphene properties will make devices easier to recycle.

What is Graphene? This is a material use on lithium ion batteries to make them charge faster. Studies show that using graphene anode means it will take a shorter period for these batteries to recharge. How about seeing ultracapacitors that can perform better than batteries? It is the large surface of this material that makes it an ideal electrical storage. Other graphene uses are to bind epoxy.  These specific graphene properties can help to make epoxy adhere to surfaces. This can even be used for manufacturing windmill blades and other aircraft components.


One of the graphene properties that makes this material stand out is its ability to aid the development of practical hydrogen fueled cars. What is graphene that makes it a great material in storing hydrogen to fuel cell powered cars? It is the several layers of this material that increases the binding energy of hydrogen to the surface in a fuel tank. The result is lighter weight fuel tank. To lower the cost of fuel cells, researchers from the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology have found out and demonstrated how preparing these halogenated nanoplatelets can be used for replacement of expensive platinum catalystic material used in these fuel cells.

What is graphene and what are the other graphene uses for this material? This material can help to lower the cost of water desalination. Researchers have found out the graphene as big as holes and the size of a nanometer can be used to remove ions in water. In other words, this material is used as a great alternative in reverse osmosis thus lower cost for water desalination. There are still a lot of graphene uses to explore and one of these is that the nanoribbons from this material blocks the passage of gas molecules. Putting this into practical use means this material can be used to manufacture soft drink bottles and even lightweight natural gas tanks.

What is Graphene? This material serves as dye sensitized solar cells. Researchers have found out that the use of this material can help in converting sunlight to electricity. The result is lower cost in producing solar cells. The goal of using materials like this is to eliminate the need to pay for higher price materials


It is the goal of to help manufacturers find ways on how to uncomplicated the process of manufacturing with the use of these solar cells. Transistors can operate at higher frequencies thanks to this material. Developers have find a way to construct integrated circuits that are graphene based. It was found out in one of the research that electrons in graphene moves faster than those that are found in silicon.

Even in the medical field, this material has its uses. Since one of the graphene properties is its large surface this means molecules from certain disease will adhere to the carbon atoms found in this material. It was found out that the combination of graphene, strands of DNA and fluorescent materials can diagnose diseases. Simply put, one of the graphene uses is as a sensor to diagnose diseases. These sensors contain sheets of graphene form similar to that of a foam. In layman’s point of view, the use of chemical sensors is an effective way of detecting explosives.

Graphene Companies

Graphene companies are jumping at the chance to know more of how they can sell these special properties of graphene. What these graphene companies are referring to is the major uses of this material. As of this time this material is used to conduct electricity. Since it allows electrons to move faster this means electricity can also move faster as well. However, even if this material is a good conductor of temperature still it normally works better at room temperature.

Another factor that graphene is known for is its strength. This material is that strong all thanks to its unbroken pattern. Imagine even if patches of it was stitched together it will still remain one of the strongest material in the face of the planet. Even if the bonds are strong, one thing remains true, this material is flexible. These can be twisted, pulled and even curved. In other words, reshaping it is possible. On top of this this material will not break. Transparency is one of its characteristics. This material can absorb visible light. This means anybody looking through this material will not suffer from glare.

There are still companies out there that are focusing their interest on this field of science and in particular with this material in mind. In the energy storage applications alone, several firms are interested in this material like what is grapheneEnerSys, Tesla Motors and Johnson Controls. Most of these companies are investing on the stocks exchange especially in technology that they believe could help them earn a huge amount of profit. Being tough as diamond has its advantages.

As expected, research companies are excited about this material. The business world follows this trend recognizing the potential of earning when investing on this graphite based material. Some experts say that as of now, graphene is still in its infant stage when it bares down to its commercialization. However, it cannot be denied that dozens of new companies are joining in to develop new uses for this material. They are interest in producing this material in larger quantities if ever they discover the specific uses for it.

Some companies do make an offer to produce tools use in the manufacturing process of this material. Eventually, it was predicted that these companies will enjoy a boom on their sales if this material takes off. However, it must be remembered that production of equipment used for this business is just one facet of graphene.

Graphene Stocks

The global market for graphene stocks is reported to be around $9 million in 2014 alone. However, as only a few graphene companies are joining in to produce this material the graphene stocks continue to soar. Those who were able to cash in on this technology have invested their money in these graphene stocks. There is no looking back now for these graphene companies. As more and more fresh new discoveries are being revealed about this material it is not surprising to know that graphene stocks are steadily increasing attracting more graphene companies in its fold.

Most of the graphene stocks are said to be from sales in the semiconductor, battery energy, composite and electronics industries. Graphene stocks continue to grow as more uses for graphene in everyday life is revealed. After all, who would like to invest on Graphene stocks if they will not earn something about of it?  Graphene stocks are considered by pros to be in the bullish for those who are looking for long term prospects.

Its unmatched properties in all different fields of science is said to be responsible in pushing this material into greater heights. Those who are planning to invest on this type of company will find a minor road block. Most of these are owned by private individuals or companies. Those who are predominantly making offers to sell these stocks are those that are small or young startups. One cannot see the giant companies in this rooster. They do play to a different tune. Most of what investors refer to as pure play graphene public owned companies are based in the United Kingdom.

graphene stocks

Financial experts suggest to invest in graphite mining companies. Graphite has a big market and since there is a lot of applications for this technology eventually the potential to earn a lot of money is a reality. If planning on investing in these companies it would be a good idea to search the internet and conduct a more in-depth research before making the final decision to invest in these companies. One way of getting involved in the shares for this material is to buy shares from publicly offered companies. Some of these are based in the United States like those that produce Graphene Nanoplatelets. These companies offer to replace carbon nanotubes at a lower cost.

Another worthwhile investment is to invest in United Kingdom based graphene producing companies that extracts these materials for biogas. True, another facet of this material is that it can be used in manufacturing methane. Some of these companies even offers graphene enhanced lubricants to use for extracting shale gas. Some of these companies are in Australia. The Australian based company produces high grade graphite flake products. These are public companies that anyone who is interested in this company can invest in. What those who are interested in investing in this material is to search the internet for companies that offer stocks for graphene.

Knowing the key players in this business can help potential investors just which companies to specifically invest on. The list of information for graphene and related companies are posted on the internet. It might take some time to know however, this will lessen the risks of investing on scam companies and concentrate on the ones that matter.

Graphene producers are companies that produce the raw material. They supply the market demand for these materials. Some companies act as middle man by supplying graphene and any related material. Other companies are developing these products so they can be referred to as Graphene application developers. These are research teams that painstakingly explore the possibilities of this material. There are companies that focus on producing equipment to be used in harvesting or processing this raw material.

Mining companies on the other hand are closely related to the research and development of this product. Still, there are other companies that provide the software and technology that is used in this industry. All of these companies play a great role in bringing this material into the industry to benefit people who use them. Some of the extraordinary properties of this material can sometimes be viewed as something taken out from a super hero’s comic book. It cannot be denied that even if this material has a lot of uses, the world is still not fully prepared to receive it.

Graphene Technology

Being a complicated technology to deliver the race to prove its value is a race against time. It is a race against unbelievers. This is a race against people or companies that are skeptical about the usage of graphene and how it can benefit the world in general. No wonder the industry remains abuzz with the use of this material. The opportunity to use this versatile material abounds. Even if the other potentials of using this material is still not being discovered yet for scientist the list of possibilities are simply endless.

What is graphene? This is a material that is ultra-thin but, surprisingly quite strong. In terms of strength graphene has been compared to more than 100 times stronger than steel in terms of weight. Although there are a lot of uses for this material, one of its common function is that it conducts heat and electricity with great expertise and is said to be nearly transparent. Before this material was successfully produce, scientist can only produce their theory about this material for decades. In the old days, the applications of graphite was only for pencils and other similar materials. Recognizing its uses, the scientific community continued to explore its other uses.

Graphene technology

It was not until 2010, when scientist was able to produce this 2 dimensional material as known today to be graphene. The race is on for finding out how to combine this material with more compliant materials. One issue that developers need to deal with is how to preserve the main characteristics of this material even if it is merge with other materials. The latest update is about this material better known as GraphExeter. This new and exotic graphene is available commercially and is better known as iron chloride. Its common usage is in the field of copper etching, sewage treatment and water purification. After this was introduce, the research team has not rest on their laurel but, continue to find ways of using this material.

The team find out that the use of graphen with ferric chloride it offered the stability that the other compound lacks. Hence the result that reveals that this material offers a better solution than the use of ITO or indium tin oxide. ITO is use for clean tech applications and the research team wants to prove that this material works better than ITO. One of the results have revealed that this material can hold its own even under high humidity. This material can hold this for 25 days. They were also able to reveal that this material can withstand 150 degrees Celsius or 302 degrees Farenheit. There are still a lot more to know and discover when it comes to the use of graphene enhance material. However, it cannot be denied that graphene in its purest form has its uses as well. It is not surprising that scientist keep their ongoing relationship with this material for good reasons. It is worth a great deal to keep abreast of the latest news about what graphene can do to make life better for everybody.